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Servicing FAQs

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Credit Reporting

Does Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC report to a Credit Bureau?
When will my account be reported to the credit bureaus?
How can I get Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to correct an error on my credit report?

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

What is SCRA?
Who is covered?
How do I receive benefits?
When am I eligible for benefits?


Please note the following information deals with mortgage loans that are primarily for personal, family or household use. This information may not be applicable to business purpose and commercial loans.

What is an Escrow Account?
What is an Escrow Analysis?
When is an Escrow Analysis performed on my account?
What is a Cushion or Reserve Requirement?
What is an Overage?
What is a Shortage?
What information is available for flood insurance?
What information is available for hazard insurance?

Financial Hardship Assistance

If I have financial problems, can Bayview Loan Serving, LLC help?
What does Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC Loss Mitigation Department handle?
If I find that I will not be able to make my payment on time, should I tell you?
If I am making payments on a Forbearance Agreement, will I continue to accrue late fees?
If I make my payments as agreed under the Forbearance Agreement, how will my credit be reported?
Will calling you hurt my credit or start the foreclosure process?
When should I complete a Hardship Form?

Mortgage Insurance

What is Mortgage Insurance?
What is MIP?
What is PMI?


How will my payments be applied?
How long does it take for my payment to be posted after you receive it?
I sent my payment on time, it has not been credited to my account. What should I do?
I mailed my payment to the prior servicer before I received the notification of transfer, will my account be credited?
May I send extra money to apply to my loan?
When is my payment considered late?
What are my payment options?


What is the difference between my current principal balance and the total payoff amount due?
Will I receive a refund if I overpaid my loan in paying it off?
What is Interest in Arrears?
If I plan to pay off my loan, must I send in a regular payment?
What is a Statement Fee?
What is a Recording Fee?
What does Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC consider acceptable forms of pay off funds?
Where do I wire funds to pay off a loan?
Where do I mail my Payoff funds?


Who pays my taxes?
I received a copy of my tax bill where do I send it?
When will you pay my tax bill?
How can I lower the amount of taxes I am paying?

Year End

When will I receive my annual statement?
Why is there only one Social Security Number on my annual loan statement?
Why did I pay more interest this year than last?
I am a co-mortgagor. Will I receive an annual loan statement?
Why were my taxes not paid prior to year end?
My loan was transferred. Why are the total interest and taxes not included on my annual statement?

It is the policy of Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to provide services without regard to race, color,
religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, familial status, physical handicap or disability.
The information in this web site is made available with the understanding that Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC and its affiliates use reasonable care in providing information but cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness. Information is provided with no warranty, express or implied, and all such warranties are expressly disclaimed. We assume no liability for any loss, damage or expense from errors or omissions in these materials, whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise. This information is proprietary and its acquisition, copying, transmittal or use by unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.

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